“Our churches have been overtaken by ideas of numerical growth. We have built mega churches and huge cathedrals in the name of our God, but have not invited his people to grow in them spiritually. I believe that God is raising up a generation of people like you, who will serve in His house as a pillar. I do not care what you have done or where you have been, but your church needs you to be an active and strong pillar! Yes you! You are gifted, full of wisdom, and experiences that your local church needs.” – Torace D. Solomon


Torace D. Solomon is a third generation Pastor and prophetic strategist with over a decade of church leadership experience. He is a resident of Atlanta, Ga where he serves as The Assistant Pastor of The All Nations Worship Assembly-Atlanta. He matriculated through bible college and holds a degree in Christian education. Pastor Torace is passionate about seeing believers equipped for the work of ministry and has a unique anointing that draws people out of places of potential and into places of purpose through training and impartation.   He is an accomplished author with many testimonies of healing, miracles and deliverance follow his ministry. His teachings hit obstacles at their core, bring light to dark places and life to dead situations! He travels as a sought-after preacher, clinician, and consultant to help leaders fulfill the destiny God has placed in them!



Leadership Team Training

Pillars Leadership intensives are designed to equip leaders to overcome obstacles. This training will help any leadership team fortify for the next level! Pastor Solomon offer in person and online leadership classes:

  • Leading in an Apostolic Context
  • Managing Pressure
  • Multiplying Yourself
  • Organizational Structure


Church Consultations

These consultations are for church planters or current Pastors seeking to take their church through the next growth barrier.

Prophetic Team Training

Every believer has access to the voice of God. Your team’s understanding of God’s Voice will be revolutionized to make an impact for the kingdom of God. Pastor Solomon offers in person and online Prophetic classes:

  • Prophetic 101- Introduction
  • Prophetic 201- Intermediate
  • Prophetic 301- Instructors Course
  • Prophetic 401- School of the Prophets

Deliverance Team Training

This training will will enable your team through the Holy Spirit to identify root problems and minister deliverance and healing to the hurting. Pastor Torace offers online and in person Deliverance classes:

  • Deliverance 101- Introduction
  • Deliverance 201- Intermediate
  • Deliverance 301- Instructors course
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